April 2012 | GREEN RIGHT EXPO 2012

The concept of eco-friendly lately becomes very popular and important in products or services. This is not excessive considering the poor environmental condition due to human activities. Environment-friendly is defined as all the things that refer to products, services, policies, and procedures which do not harm the environment. In the construction area, the relevant subject is green building.

Green building, also called green construction or sustainable building, refers to the structure and the use of construction process which are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient in all aspects of the building. One of the organizations that is committed to green building practice is the Green Building Council of Indonesia. On April 2012 GBC Indonesia held GREENRIGHT Conference and Expo 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). The main purpose of this event was to bring more information to the regulators, professionals, industry players, academia/students, and environmentalists, in order to understand, make decision, and introduce practice of green building in Indonesia. This expected to create market and behavior transformation, so the application of the concept of green building can run efficiently and sustainably.

At the event, aside from environmental experts, businesses of eco-friendly products also contributed, including PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra, with b-panel® as its flagship product. With the theme “Adapt to Sustain” GREENRIGHT 2012 invited industry players, and the general public to work together to become the agent of change towards green and sustainable tomorrow. GREENRIGHT provided an opportunity for industry players to exhibit their environment friendly products, so as to give information for those which want to implement the concept of green building.

PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra, in accordance with the vision of “21st-century residence that is energy-efficient and save lives”, is worthy of being one of the green products industry players. Whether we realize it or not, our house can be one of the producers of greenhouse gases. Among them is power consumption of A/C that uses about 40% of electrical energy. The need for comfort to be found in the house will be a boomerang for the balance of the ecosystem. The use of b-panel® can reduce the consumption of A/C by 35-40%, this helps in reducing carbon emissions (Java-Bali grid is predominately coal-fired), so the concept of environmentally responsible buildings become manifested. What often concepts of “eco” have been applied at PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra? Many more, from the rainwater-harvesting factory building roof, the use of non-fossil fuel for their boiler, to the recycling of EPS panel chunks.

Through this event we look forward for the public to become more familiar, understanding, and to regard b-panel® as a sustainable building products. Through the seminars which are held, b-panel® engineering team also had the opportunity to broaden their green building knowledge, especially through listening to prominent speakers in Indonesia and abroad, such as Nigel Grier, Associate Professor Mark Luther, and Mrs. Naning Adiwoso.