The Waste to Wealth Seminar is Expected to Generate Creative Ideas to Overcome Waste Problems

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, MANGUPURA – The Waste to Wealth seminar which took place at the Alila Seminyak meeting room , Bali is expected to provide a good solution in waste management, Tuesday (5/6/2018).

In the event which was opened and directly inaugurated by the Governor of Bali , Made Mangku Pastika was also attended by participants in the Waste to Wealth seminar.

The speakers at this seminar are important figures in the environment such as Australian environmental artist Dr John Dahlse who is no stranger to the international scene and Mr Nigel Grier.

In addition, there is also the Managing Director, Integrative Design and Project Management (IPDM) and Zero Waste to Landfill Project Manager Dr Martin Anda.

As well as Academic Chair of Environmental Engineering, Murdoch University, Louise Harman, Founder and CEO of Plastics Collector and Creator of The Shruder (plastic shredder).

Dr Helena Studdert as Consul General for Australia said she hoped that in the future there would be new and creative thinkers to deal with waste problems.

“I hope our event will encourage new and creative thinking, share ideas and build partnerships to tackle waste management challenges,” he said.

Dr Studdert also explained that the seminar being held in Bali would continue.

The seminar will continue in Lombok on Thursday, 7 June 2018, with the title Finding Solution.

The speakers at the seminar in Lombok such as Dr Dahlsen and Dr Anda, as well as Australian alumni involved in waste management and sustainable tourism activities in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Where seminars are located in Bali and Lombok will include visits to the field or tourist sites.

Which is designed to demonstrate the interdependence and benefits of international tourism resorts.

This design will also work with the local community to deal with problems specifically related to waste management.

As for activities that have taken place in Bali such as beach cleaning which was held on Saturday (2/6/2018).

Workshops in the #AussieBanget corner at Udayana University and at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI), Denpasar on Monday (4/6/2018).

As well as various activities related to local community waste management initiatives, which are supported by the Australian Consulate General’s Direct Assistance Program (DAP) .

In the Waste to Wealth Seminar in the Alila Seminyak meeting room which was attended by more than 90 participants from the Provincial Governments of Bali , Regencies and Cities such as Denpasar, Badung and Gianyar.

There are also tourism and professional associations, local and Australian businesses , community organizations and non-governmental associations and the media.

The Waste to Wealth seminar was closed with a sundowner reception which was attended by around 70 guests.

Where in his speech Made Mangku Pastika also really appreciated the activities of this event.

“I thank the Governor of Bali and the participants for the strong interest shown in this initiative and thank our guest speakers, sponsors and partners for their invaluable support,” added Dr Studdert.(*)